Apart from being a metropolitan city with cosmopolitan people residing there, Chennai is also the state capital of Tamil Nadu and is considered a beautiful city in India. This city is famous for its temples, monuments of ancient history, and beautiful beaches and is also known for its bubbling vital IT hub.

Apart from living in this beautiful city, Chennai self drive car rental helps travelers rent a car to explore tourist destinations in and around Chennai. This city is also famous for film production companies, and every year thousands come to this city to live up to their dreams.

Travel Destination Chennai

Located in the eastern, southern part of peninsular India, this city was a military garrison when the Britishers ruled India before the independence, and this city was called Madras.

When traveling in Chennai, many travelers visit famous tourist spots like Marina Beach, The Catholic Cathedral, Government Museum Chennai, Arulmigu Sri Parthasarathy Perumal Temple Tiruvallikeni, and other favorite sites. Nearby places like Mahabalipuram, Pondicherry, Tirumala, and others are famous tourist spots.

Documents Required 

Some documents are required to rent self-drive cars. These are necessary documents that the car rental services ask for before handing over the vehicle. The documents are,

  • Should be 21 years of age
  • Valid original government ID proof like Aadhaar, Passport, or PAN card only.
  • At the trip’s start, a light motor vehicle driving license should be at least one-year-old.

Tips To Know Before Renting A Car

Whether renting out a self-drive car for the first time or being an experienced person, a few things should get known before renting a car. They include, 

  • Check the car for any damages
  • Become familiarized with the rental vehicle.
  • Enquire in detail about the car before renting.
  • Check the fuel in the tank. It should be a full tank.
  • Read the contract fully and thoroughly before signing.

Self-Driven Cars Are Perfect For Weekend Trips

For busy, scheduled people, renting self driven cars in Chennai is an excellent option for exploring the city and nearby places in and around Chennai during weekends. A few of the reasons for self-driven cars being perfect for weekend trips include,

Pocket Friendly

Many budget-friendly self-driven rental cars exist in Chennai, which don’t even cost a fraction of owning a car. Travelers don’t have to worry about  loans to buy the vehicle, paying back equated monthly installments (EMI) for the loan taken, registration fees, and other taxes. 

Moreover, the weekend rent payable for the self-drive car varies, depending upon the model and year of the vehicle taken for rent.

Rental Plans Are Flexible

Self drive car rental Chennai ensures that the car taken for rent can be for a few hours or days as required, depending upon the traveler’s need. 

It provides flexible rental plans, as there will be no loss for the client when the car gets returned after the required period. When on a subscription for the rental vehicle, getting transferred out of Chennai will be fine. The rental subscription gets transferred too. 

New vehicles will get provided in the new city by informing the car rental services about the transfer.

Freedom To Select Cars

From small, medium, and big cars to Suv’s having four-wheel drive could be selected at self drive cars Chennai depending upon the budget and requirements.

When visiting different locations with friends and relatives on various occasions, other make and model of cars can get rented out depending on the number of people traveling and the luggage they are carrying.

Free Of Commitments

Rent car in Chennai could be rented from locations like Triplicane, Tambaram, Mylapore, or any other place in Chennai. The rented car facilities will be identical everywhere without any commitments. 

The car maintenance will be carried out by the Car rental company. Even the car insurance, pollution check certificates, and taxes for the car will be taken care of by the rental company.

Drive A Rental Car Like Own 

When taking a rental car for the weekend, self-driven cars can get driven outside the city limit. There is no need to inform the rental company as long as the kilometers covered per day are within the prescribed limit outlined in the car rental contract.

Safety And Security

The low rent self driven cars in Chennai are entirely safe and secure. Since the rental cars run more kilometers, these cars available for rent will be only a few years old and appropriately maintained.

It ensures there will be no issues with the car when it gets delivered to the client.

Privacy Maintained

Many on weekends only get quality time to spend with relatives or friends outside the city. By driving a self-driven rental car, the privacy of the private life gets maintained.

When traveling as a couple, the self-driven rented car offers more privacy when compared to a taxi.

Fun Filled Drive

Having unlimited fun-filled drives is possible when traveling with family or friends in a self-drive car. The self-driven vehicle can get stopped for various reasons at any destination that fancies the travelers without giving much thought and start the journey as they please.

Provides Comfort

Many love relaxing on weekends, and traveling in a self-drive rental car gives travelers excellent comfort.

The cars have music systems, GPS, air-conditioning, and comfortable seats, providing an extra comfort layer.


Self-driven cars give extraordinary customer-friendly services, making them a favorite among travelers renting them in Chennai. Chennai is one of the most visited tourist places in the country, as it has many temples, different architectural buildings, and famous beaches, which are favorite tourist hotspots. 

Whether wanting to go for a weekend getaway or even more extended periods, Chennai has many hotspots in and around the city that travelers can visit.

The charming cosmopolitan city of Chennai can be explored at travelers’ pace while driving self-drive rental cars. After selecting the car, the preferred type of vehicle, make, and model get delivered to the client’s doorstep without any hassles. Self-drive rental car popularity is increasing daily as more travelers prefer the same for weekend trips.