When you opt for the best self-drive car rental in Coimbatore, you will likely experience utopian driving standards. One of the most experiential features distinguishing self-driving cars from ridesharing is the extravagant freedom and privacy for road trips and event arrangements. Impromptu trips are no longer a hassle with the on-spot flexible driving regime that reliable car rental companies have brought to the table. You are not only unanswerable to others but are affordable and compliant with high hygiene and safety standards. No insurance claim worries and no hidden charges. 

That said, there is more than what meets the eye when you consider all the possible scenic routes to travel. Not only has Coimbatore earned the name “Manchester of South India’, but it is also connected to other places where you can feast your eyes. Road trips from Coimbatore are amazing, and you will know why through the routes mentioned below:

  • Coimbatore To Kotagiri (Distance: 47 Km)

Starting strong with a famous but peculiar hill station, Kotagiri boasts a 5,883 feet height of view that you can effectively reach by road from Coimbatore. The road trip lasts under a hundred kilometers and is extremely pleasant for a good summer retreat. This place is also an adventure enthusiast’s dream come true, with extravagant opportunities for trekking and climbing. The distance ranges from 40 to 60 kilometers (30 miles), and the time taken is usually less than an hour. You can find beautiful scenery on the road as you travel north to Kotagiri, and the weather is typically pleasant during the summers. 

A reliable car rental service can upscale this journey and provide more comfort and freedom for self-exploration at a pace that suits you best. You can rent a car in Coimbatore using their facilities, where they can drop off the car while maintaining high standards of hygiene and safety. 

  • Coimbatore To Coonoor (Distance: 69 Km)

Coonoor is the hub of beauty in India; located 6000 feet above sea level, Coonoor has historically been a treasure for tourists across India and abroad. Ranging from eye-catching waterfalls to pristine river valleys to mysterious ravines and lush greenery, traveling with self-driving cars in Coimbatore highly advocated the lack of urbanization and splendid sights of rare flowers and birds to soothe yourself from the bustling city life. The distance ranges around 60 to 70 kilometers with about a 1 hour 40 minute to 2-hour drive on the beautiful roads. About 31 attractive pitstops ranging from historic temples, botanical gardens, Doddabetta Peaks, tiger reserves, safaris, and national parks. 

These places require multiple pitstops that cannot always be availed with a cab service. Hiring a car rental in Coimbatore will offer a multitude of rental cars, facilities, and safety features to make your trip enjoyable and memorable. 

  • Coimbatore To Ooty (Distance: 85 Km)

Ooty is named the queen of hill stations for a reason and has been an all-time seasonal favorite hill station since colonization. From colonial architecture to exquisite tea gardens, Ooty is Karnataka’s heart that you can read via the road from Coimbatore due to its vicinity near the Eastern Ghats. The right self-drive car rental in Coimbatore will offer the best prices with professional chauffeur drivers that can cater to your requirements. Coimbatore to Ooty route has about 15 hairpin bends that are best during the summers from March to July. The weather during those times ranges from about 20 to 25 degrees, making it an ideal temperature for enjoying activities. 

There are two ways you can reach Ooty- through NH181 and through Mettupalayam to Kotagiri Road. The former is about 90 km but is filled with heavy traffic, so the drive ranges from 3 to 4 hours. If you do not like hairpin bends, you can go for the latter, which is longer but more peaceful. The distance ranges from about 98 km within 3 to 4 hours. The scenic spots include Avalanche Lake, Emerald Lake, botanical gardens, deer parks, waterfalls, stone houses, etc.

These trips are best for families, and if you have never driven a luxurious and spacious SUV before, you can use comprehensive self-drive car guides provided by car rental companies. Moreover, it is much cheaper to opt for self-driving cars in Coimbatore than cabs due to higher fuel prices in this area.

  • Coimbatore To Beypore Beach & Kappad Beach (Distance: 173 Km & 194 Km)

Aren’t there too many hill stations from Coimbatore? Coimbatore self-drive road trips include extraordinary beaches with mysterious historical backgrounds if you want more variety. Beypore Beach is influenced by the Chinese and Arabs and is known for its exquisite fishing harbors. The Pulimoodu Bridge is a major sight to have a beautiful water view. One can reach here within 4 to 5-hours with about 33 pitstops for enjoying the attractions.

The Kappad beach is also a beautiful beach from Coimbatore and is known for where Vasco da Gama set foot in India back in 1498. It is 194 km from Coimbatore and must be visited from October to March. The fuel prices can increase a lot, so you should opt for a reliable self-drive car rental in Coimbatore that provides various discounts and offers for self-driving cars.

  • Coimbatore To Hogenakkal (Distance: 220 Km)

Lastly, one must witness multiple waterfalls of the great river Kaveri. The split river waterfall is to die for, and you can also enjoy the carbonite rocks, freshwater fishes, and coracle rides while boating. It is a 4 to 5 hour journey. Cab rides on this road range from 6000 to 7000 INR, but you can avail of the same for a cheaper price and more privacy and flexibility. There are multiple car rentals in Coimbatore that provide these offers, so ensure you read their terms and conditions before going further.


And that marks the end of the best road routes you can set out to drive using self-driving cars in Coimbatore. An essential thing to remember is that the same drives cost you a fortune when you avail of private cab services. A happy journey is one where there are no privacy concerns or budget issues. Opting for a self-drive car rental in Coimbatore will help you retreat in these locations without depending on cab drivers and spending outrageous amounts of money on commuting. Contact us and request a quote for the best prices!