Chennai is a beautiful place down south, and you can get the most out of your visit to that place with the help of low rent self driven cars in Chennai. There is a high chance that you would have tracked down the best time to visit this place and the itinerary by now. 

As much as the beauty of this place tempts you, you will do all the necessary things while missing out on this basic requirement. But you should sort your car for rent in Chennai beforehand to avoid any last-minute confusion. 

Why Choose A Car For Rent In Chennai

But, you might wonder why a self driven car in Chennai would be right.

There are other options like hiring a cab or using public transport. The thing to note here is that when you plan to rent car in Chennai, it offers you more than convenience and comfort. Let’s explore why this option has the edge over others. 

  • Flexible 

Flexibility is the first thing car rental in Chennai self drive options offer. When you hire a professional or take public transport, you are bound by their route and must adjust accordingly. But, when you choose a self driven car, you can be free and choose your stops as per your preference. 

  • Independent 

A car for rent in Chennai offers you the independence to explore the unseen routes of Chennai. You can enjoy every bit of your journey while being independent of everything related to your journey. Also, you can be efficient while studying the traffic and distance on the roads. 

  • Affordable 

Many service providers offer low rent self driven cars in Chennai. So, the question of this option going out of your budget does not arise. You can experience luxury and comfort under the budget that suits you. Also, you can choose from various options and pick the one that serves your needs. 

  • Ease Of Use 

Getting a car for rent in Chennai offers easy to use as you can drive it anywhere and anytime. You have to do the needful while taking the car into your possession. However, you should ensure proper communication and treat the car like your own while using it. You should follow the rules and maintain cleanliness. These are basic things but will work wonders to ensure that there is not even a single inconvenience in this context while you are exploring Chennai.

Another question that can pop up is how to contact reliable service providers. You need not go anywhere else when you have serving what you need. They are home to low rent self driven cars in Chennai and have a huge variety for you to choose from. 

5 Pocket-Friendly Chennai Self Drive Car Rental Options

Here are the top 5 car rental in Chennai self drive options for you that will make your journey budget-friendly and enjoyable. 

  • Tata Bolt 

Let’s begin with the most trusted car brand. This provider houses Tata Bolt as one of your options. It is great if you are traveling in a pair and want a concise option. It is a 5-seater; if you have less luggage, three people can comfortably travel there. 

Thanks to the size of this car, it does not take much space compared to the bigger models; hence, its movement or ability to move out of traffic from the short lanes will not be a major issue. 

  • Ford Aspire 

If sedans are your thing, you have the best car for rent in Chennai to explore in the form of a Ford Aspire. Sedans are available at a lesser price than SUVs. The Ford Aspire has a good height and a sturdy build. Also, it offers road comfort, which is required while traveling in Chennai. 

Also, you can trust this model with its stability as it offers great support even in long drives. So, if you plan a small detour in the middle, this car will help. 

  • Mahindra Mazarro

If you are a group traveling to explore the waterfalls and beaches in Chennai, you would like a 7-seater car rental Chennai self drive option. Mahindra is known for the best SUVs, and Mazarro is one of the models this service provider offers. 

It has a tank capacity of 45 liters and can comfortably accommodate 7-8 people. It is a strong model with dual front airbags that offer support and safety in forbidden situations. It is a premium luxury model, and you will love every moment while you drive it on Chennai roads. 

  • Maruthi Celerio 

Any person who has driven a car has a trust connection with Maruthi, so this is another option for you. You can find the Maruthi Celerio here, which offers good mileage on highways even when it is fully packed and the car’s AC works full speed to beat the heat. 

You can expect a better outcome with fewer people and less luggage. But, if you don’t want to pick this one, you can choose other alternatives like Ford, too. 

  • Toyota Innova 

Another masterpiece for long drives is the Toyota Innova. It is another SUV that perfectly accommodates 7-8 people, but you must see the model for its luggage capacity. If you have a higher budget and fewer people are traveling, you can choose this one, too. 

It is a preferred car rental Chennai self drive option because of its name and on-road performance, especially on long routes. 

It indicates that this service provider is not biased toward a single-car brand. You have different low rent self driven cars in Chennai options and different brands to choose from. Your choices aren’t limited; you can pick any car based on various preferences. 


While looking for a car for rent in Chennai, there are a lot of ifs and buts. But half of your work is done when you choose the right provider with numerous options. You should prepare a list of everything you expect from a rental car. It is the best gig if most of your expectations are met, and you should not let it go. But it would help if you did not compromise on the basics.

Happy riding!