Airlines don’t compare against choosing to book self-drive car online; however, the prices might scare people away from travelling via scenic routes. One of the most important aspects of travel is the journey; car rentals are not only the cheapest bargain for travel but also create the best setting for enjoying the journey.

This ‘carpocalypse’ in 2020 has been a letdown for most people who wanted a good bargain. Still, the industry has risen with innovative state-of-the-art technology and online platform usage. Now, one can book self-drive car online with convenience, time-efficiency, accuracy, higher quality standards, and scalability, and at cheap prices due to lowered employee costs. If you are still struggling to get around the price wall, this article covers all the fundamental tips and tricks for the best online car rental bookings while steering clear of any stress:

Where Can You Find Cheap Online Car Booking Self-Drive Platforms?

The journey starts from the source; if you want to start looking for cheap car rental booking platforms, you should select the right online booking platform that focuses on providing the best cars and SUVs for cheap. An effective selection is made only when you have compared different rates between a multitude of websites. Focusing on their offers, the frequency of offers and discounts, prices, quality, customer reviews, and other claims can set a foundation for making an effective decision. 

Comfort Drive is a prestigious online self-drive car booking platform, and has set new standards for renting cars that no other websites began to near. They provide excellence in their high-quality rentals that feature affordability in the industry. Their top-quality standards are also integrated into Coimbatore, Chennai, Madurai, and Trichy. They provide professional chauffeurs, affordable rentals for private and corporate purposes, and self-drive cars. They harbour safety by introducing the latest technologically sound safety devices and GPS systems that work robustly to support clients in their travel experience. The cars are also multi-lingual and hassle-free, all maintained by highly qualified and certified professionals so that you don’t need to worry about safety.

In terms of affordability, Comfort Drive takes the cake by a mile. They feature multiple discounts and offers to book self-drive cars online in Coimbatore, renting SUVs and ensuring you get premium quality for an affordable price. They have expanded their horizons to meet people’s budget and quality standards and set new benchmarks for worldwide connections. They bring a team of experts with unmatched standards of professionalism, constantly supporting clients through reliable services. By comparison, Comfort Drive provides the best deals during the holiday season.

Why Does Timing Matter In Online Self-Drive Car Booking?

Timing is extremely crucial if you want to get the best deal on car rental websites, and this is due to one reason alone- the influence of two of the most important market forces- demand and supply. Online self-drive car booking companies normally want to make their car rental services available when the travel seasons are high; from a business perspective, lower prices during these seasons can fetch more demand and help them stay competitive in the market industry. However, additional fees like insurance are not subject to change due to third-party outsourcing.

If you have missed the mark, there is nothing to worry about! Car rentals at the last minute can be cheap if you are looking in the right place. That said, make sure you do your research about their services. Follow the given tips to master the timing of booking rentals:

  1. Quiet times are king: When it comes to popular destinations, ensure you book in the quieter periods like off-seasons. Not only will their demand be below, but you can also enjoy the destination with zero rush and lowered prices.
  2.  Do your research: Terms and conditions exist for a reason; use them to extract the best deals from your favourite online car booking self-drive rental companies. Research the off-seasons for your destination so that prices are lower than usual.
  3. Forget about insurance: If you want to make the best of your trip, you can negate the car insurance requirement by unchecking the box. Reading the terms and conditions will allow you to investigate what you are paying for, so you can leave insurance for a lower price. 
  4. Pay first, drive next: Depending on the rental you choose, you may be offered a discount for early-bird payments. While it is not always the case, you can talk to consultants for upfront payment discounts, which can lower as much as a third of the original price.

How To Book Online Self-Drive Car Type & Choose Location?

Studies show that prices can be altered by as much as 85% just by changing the location. Pair that with a sleek and economical car, and you get the best deal ever! One reason is that city driving is a bustling environment for all the wrong reasons. There are multiple risks in driving on busy streets, so a smaller car is always suggested as they cost less to rent. Not only can you avail of its parking benefits, but it also can be automatic. Given below are certain factors you may want to consider before choosing your car and location:

  • Size: Defining your size needs is the first step to being on a budget. A two-seater convertible serves the same purpose as a full-drive SUV but not so much of a family holiday. To book a self-drive car online means you have the added advantage of knowing the number of seats and their size before you book.
  • Boot space: Your luggage determines your boot space; roof bars and boxes are not a frequent option. Unless you are going to ski, you can book self-drive cars online with ski racks. Before you think about leaving your luggage in the back seats, think about theft and insurance compromises.
  • Fuel economy: Less is more, at least in terms of fuel. If you want to budget for your holiday travel, fuel efficiency is paramount, and you must not waste precious money on fuel (especially when the fuel market is skyrocketing). Smaller cars are generally more fuel-efficient but always incorporate the distance in your calculations.
  • Extras: Child seat policies are a must to check out, depending on the country. You can negate these extras when you pay and bring your own for a much cheaper price. 
  • Location: City rides often demand smaller vehicles to tackle road rage and also because they are efficient in parking. Minis and economies are more practical. Adventure trips, on the other hand, may demand more space. So, SUVs are a better choice. Family trips need more space and comfort, so large-sized cars are typically ideal.

Final Thoughts

And that marks the end of all the tips you need to remember to get the best deals on car rental platforms. Price is a versatile factor to consider because it is affected by timing, location, car type, and even the online platform you choose. You can also prevent high prices by renting away from airport regions, and you can skip upgrades like GPS (you can always find one on your phone). 

Extras like toll passes, car seats, and flyer miles can also be out-of-pocket. The right platform can provide huge discounts and coupons while maintaining high travel standards. The above blog shows that road travel doesn’t have to be expensive. Contact us to avail the best car rentals at competitive prices!